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Free advertisng - Make sure that everyone likes to read good content and your site should be different. But what is very content if there is nobody there to read it? No one. But thanks to social networking sites and social bookmarking is the only thing you can do with your great content to share it with other people in a hurry.

Free advertisng - This is the complete opposite of the old "build a website and they will come" perspective. Now you can generate content and instead placed only on your site, you can now post it to hundreds of social sites and bookmarking engines so other people can see that they're not where you want to visit.

It's "word of mouth" advertising is the best way. The process is simple. Just record your favorite social sites and publish content to them. Some of the best places to add your content is Squidoo, Facebook and Hubpages.

When you add content to these sites, you can bookmark them to your favorite bookmarking sites such as Digg, Delicious or StumbelUpon.

Improving your content, the more people will watch it on these sites. These sites may already tens of thousands of hits daily. This means that your content in front of thousands of potential readers every day. How many hits is your website? Probably none of your pretty new.

So stop by to get traffic to your content and start to bring your content where the traffic is. These sites are free, up rated to Google, and has no shortage of eager readers. Your best option is to put great content for them to read it and entice them to come on your site if they liked what you had to say.

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Derek Wood teaches ordinary people how to package their knowledge and sell it on the internet. He is a full time internet marketer, author and online business owner.


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